I’m late. Before you go drawing conclusions there, I would like to remind you that I’m not stupid. So when I say “I’m late” the only ramifications of that are less page views, not an infant. As you probably already concluded, I’m not so good with the whole “planned posts” concept (but I’m also not in need of assistance from Planned Parenthood, so I think you guys can let this one slide. Alright, enough with the teenage pregnancy jokes). Anyway, the reason I’m late is because I am a pathetic excuse for a writer and I managed to run out of ideas for my SECOND POST. Sad, isn’t it?

While I was lying in bed last night — or rather on couch last night–I remembered my “every other day” rule I was so set on complying with. However, I was too lazy both mentally and physically to actually get up and attempt to write something, so I settled for thinking of ideas. Immediately my mind flashed back to this list I had to make for English class in eighth grade: “Things That Annoy Me”. I came up with the Snuggie, girls who have moved way past looking like they got dressed in the dark and now look as if they forgot to get dressed at all, and of course the Caribou Barbie herself, Sarah Palin. Those all seemed to get me a little too crabby to write about just yet.

Then I started going to my–well, my go-to topics. The ones that really get me riled up: politics and religion. This is where my inner activist came out. I practically giggled at the idea of writing about things that are so important to me, the subjects that make my friends plead “Don’t get her started!”. But I had to stop myself. Let me give you a look into my conversation with myself held in those five or so minutes:

Ooooh, religion! I’ve got a lot to say about that. Cynicism, Anger, Unbelievably Stubborn Logical Thinking! Welcome friends! Come on in! Time to debate the population into Agnosticism. Wait a minute, Jesse. Hold your horses. You know, I never quite understood that expression. I don’t own any horses! What horses do you speak of? Hey! You’re off the subject, pay attention. Well excuuuuuuuse me. Oh, don’t get your panties in a twist. Again with the metaphors. You remind me of a fortune cookie. Stay on task! Religion. What are you thinking?! You can’t just go off and rant about religion and politics. People don’t want to hear that. Remember what your mother told you? Never talk about religion, politics, or money in polite conversation. Oh please. Who came up with that rule, anyway?

*Enter epiphany here*

So that’s what I decided to write about. Why aren’t we supposed to talk about politics, money, or religion in so-called “polite conversation”? The excuse I always hear is that people have too strong of opinions about those topics. Someone always ends up getting annoyed, offended, angry. The occasional glass object is thrown at the occasional head. But you know I don’t think that’s really the result of the topics nearly as much as it is a result of the people discussing them. If we –and I include myself in this, because as I’ve said before I’m known to have some anger issues every now and again — if we weren’t so hostile about our points of view, those discussions would be enlightening, not uncomfortable.

We’ve all had one of these conversations, whether they were heated debates, awkward disagreements, or simply moments where you kept your mouth shut to avoid conflict. I know I’ve been there. At the very worst, they end up where you feel like you let someone down or they’ve let you down because you don’t believe in the same thing. Then sometimes you might feel like they’ve accepted that you believe something different, but they’ve filed it under the character flaws section of their view of you, along with “bites their nails” and “doesn’t like Thai food”. It’s not something that will keep them from having a relationship with you, but they’re not exactly happy about it. The latter sounds good in theory, but we should be able to embrace people because they have another perspective, not in spite of it.

Everyone is so utterly convinced that their way of thinking is the correct way. That makes perfect sense. Why would someone intentionally make themselves believe something they knew was wrong? But we are most definitely a society of “I’ve made up my mind on this, I’m right, you’re wrong, that’s all there is to it” when it comes to religion, money, and politics. And despite what your mother may have told you, sticking to your guns isn’t always a good thing. Especially when they’re shooting someone else in the foot. Yes, sticking to your guns is the cause of great events like the establishment of woman’s rights (and quite possibly the development of the slinky, because you know nobody else thought that was a good idea). But it’s also the cause of wars, governmental insufficiency, gangs, discrimination, hate crimes, and a lot more. There is a very fine line between standing up for what you believe and close-mindedness. And close-mindedness doesn’t just make you look ignorant, it can and does cause most of the major problems in the world.

Why is it so hard to say “I may be wrong. I may be right. I don’t know. This is just what I believe”? Why do we always assume that we are right and anyone else that doesn’t agree with us is wrong? Are we that arrogant? Why is your God the right one, and your neighbor’s is simply a figment of their imagination, something to scoff at? Why is it that when you don’t have a God at all a good portion of people label you as immoral? Why is your political party full of saints, and the opposing one pure evil? Why can’t we embrace the good in both sides? These aren’t rhetorical questions. We need to find an answer. Preferably sooner rather than later, because there’s a whole big world out there. And from what I’ve seen, it could use more enlightenment right about now.

This post's title is brought to you by The Monkees. And why yes, that is the song from Shrek.

As if the internet didn’t already have enough angry people wielding keyboards and the threat of the blogosphere (why yes, I did just use the word “blogosphere”), I’ve decided to start A Blog of Completely Unrelated Opinions. Clearly, blog naming is not my forte. But practicing what I like to call the Smart Person Trifecta — cynicism, sarcasm, and common sense–just happen to be what I’m actually good at. Simply put, most people are crazy. Crazy people lead to crazy ideas, and crazy ideas lead to stupid products, bad music, and in the worse cases harmful situations. So, instead of spending my summer hooked to Facebook, downing bags of sunflower seeds, and/or mocking reruns of JONAS L.A, I plan to call people out on their craziness. Though I’ll still be addicted to Facebook. I’m a teenage girl after all, I can’t detach myself from ALL the stereotypical activities. Just most of them.

However, even in my blog, it’s not all negative. Yes, that’s right folks, even I am capable of praising something. I’ll alternate between the bad and good so  anyone who actually reads this thing won’t leave it contemplating suicide. My plan is that I’ll post at least one post every other day, ranting or raving about one thing or another. Then I’ve kind of got a music theme working here, with the Awesome/Awful Song of the Week post and each post named after a song on my iPod who’s title fits with the theme (this post’s name is brought to you by The Beach Boys).

I’ll leave all two of you readers (Hi, Grandma!) with this until my next post: I’m not bitter. I’m not an unhappy person. But stupidity makes me sick. That is, I’m sick of stupidity, not with it. Thankfully, I have yet to join the ranks of the great uneducated. Anyway, my point is that I may seem angry (granted, a lot of the time I am angry), but I know there are good things out there. My thought is, if we don’t call out the bad ones for what they are, how are we supposed to change them?